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The Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program is an eleven–week intensive outpatient treatment program incorporating mind/body and complementary alternative medicine (CAM) approaches for the treatment of moderate to severe combat–related Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. The program consists of a 3 week “jump-start” treatment program during which Soldiers report to the WCSRP for duty each day, followed by 8 weeks of individualized follow up therapy. This is a time–intensive program; therefore support from participant’s chain of command is critical.

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Candidates for this program include (but are not limited to):

  • Soldiers with PTSD symptoms who are motivated to continue serving on active duty
  • Any AD Soldier who suffer from symptoms of PTSD/Combat Stress such as:
    • Hyper–Arousal (irritability, edginess, jumpiness, anger, or inability to relax)
    • Intrusive thoughts or memories of combat or deployment
    • Avoidance symptoms
    • Anxiety/depression
    • Emotional numbing
    • Poor sleep or nightmares
    • Difficulty concentrating
  • Interventions are aimed at reducing hyper–arousal and restoring self–regulation/awareness/control and include:
    • Education
    • Individual and Group Therapy
    • Coping Skills Training
    • Biofeedback
  • Complementary Alternative Medicine Including:
    • Acupuncture
    • Massage
    • Meditation
    • Reiki/Bio-energy Therapies
    • Reflexology
    • Sound Therapy
    • Tai Chi
    • Yoga
  • Referrals
    • Referrals to the Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program may be made by behavioral health providers, self, unit, spouses or significant others.

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