Retirement and Separation Physicals

Separation Physicals

Soldiers are not required to complete a separation physical when they are ending time in service, but they may schedule one if they desire. Soldiers who do not have a potential service-connected disability but want a separation physical exam should contact their Troop Medical Clinic to schedule the exam. Schedule the exam well in advance of your separation date. Exams can be scheduled up to six months before ETS. Physical exams will not be scheduled less than 30 days from separation.

Soldiers who do not desire a separation physical should contact their Troop Medical Clinic for a waiver in order to complete the clearing process.

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Retirement Physicals

A retirement physical examination is mandatory. Schedule your exam well in advance of your retirement date. You can receive an exam up to four months before retirement or up to four months before Transition Leave. Physicals will not be scheduled less than 30 days from retirement. If you have an injury or illness that is a result of military service, please read the section on VA Physicals.

Veterans Compensation Program Physicals

Service members who are planning to file a Veterans' Affairs (VA) claim for an injury or illnesses that is a result of military service can receive their separation and VA compensation physical examination at the same time.

The goal of this new program, sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), is to reduce duplication of effort and expedite VA claims processing.

To combine your separation and VA physical and file a VA claim, you must begin the process well before you will leave the service.

You can receive the exams:

  • Up to 6 months before your ETS
  • Up to 4 months before retirement
  • Up to 4 months before Transition Leave (if requested)

Soldiers who are within 45 days of terminal leave cannot participate in this program.

Service members who do not meet the time deadline:

  • Complete the VA disability compensation claim before final out-processing.
  • Attend the VA disability claims briefing held each Monday
  • Turn in the VA compensation claim form with the service medical records during final out-processing.

The claim and the medical records will be forwarded to the Veterans Administration Regional Office (VARO) having jurisdiction over the address provided on the claim form.

The VARO will then schedule any medical examinations required to complete processing of the VA claim.

Service members who do not complete a VA disability claim before final out- processing may contact the VARO by calling 1-800-827-1000 after separating from service. VARO will provide them with the disability claim form and other necessary information.

Although a claim may be filed at any time after separation, it is recommended that the initial application be completed within one year of release from service.

To begin the combined physical exam process, visit your Troop Medical Clinic:

  1. Fill out DD Form 2697, "Report of Medical Assessment"
  2. Schedule Physical Exam Part I

    Schedule the exam through your Troop Medical Clinic or Health Clinic.

    Part I (lab, x-ray, hearing exam, DD Form 2808, DD Form 2807-1, etc.) will be completed at your Soldier Medical Readiness Center (SMRC).

    Coordinate with your Troop Medical Clinic Records Room to ensure those copies of special tests (MRI, CT, x-ray, pulmonary function tests, orthopedic consult, lab work completed less than 30 days prior) are present in your medical records.
  3. Attend the VA Disability Claims Assistance Briefing

    Briefings are held each Monday, 1245, Building 18010 (Copeland Service Center) 1st Floor classroom. Bring the filled-out DD Form 2697 to the briefing. You will complete a disability application at the briefing.
  4. Schedule Physical Exam Part II

    Take the completed disability application (completed at the VA disability briefing), Part I packet completed by the SMRC, and your military medical records to Building 18010, 3rd Floor, VA office, Room 308. VA will screen your medical records, review Part I physical exam and DD Form 2697 to initiate your VA claim process. The records will be given back to you at that time.
  5. VA Examination

    Take your medical records, DD Form 2697 and completed Part I packet with you when you report for the VA exam at Building 2245, Thomas Moore Health, Room B093 or B095. The VA examiner will schedule your VA examination but will not retain the medical records, but it will be needed for review during the VA examination.

    If you have a separate record (such as a mental health record) related to your claim that is kept at Darnall Army Medical Center, bring a copy of this record to your appointment to expedite claims processing.
  6. VA Rating

    After completing any ongoing treatment and before final out-processing, take your service medical record and dental record to Building 18010, Copeland Service Center Room 308A, to allow the VA the opportunity to complete your rating.

    The VA will give you a receipt for your records. This will allow you to complete your final out-processing at Fort Hood.

Soldier Medical Readiness Center
Building 2245-TMHC

89th MP, 11th MP, 38th MP, 43rd MP
43rd CID, 3rd Personnel Group, 13th Finance,
21st CAV, 158th Aviation
Apache Fielding Team, OSA Western Region, PEO Aviation Apache, PEO CCS Hood,
Field Inspection, Dyess Admin,
3rd ASOG, 9th ASOC, 11th ASOS, 712th ASOS

Soldier Medical Readiness Center
Monroe Health Clinic

3rd SIG BDE, 504th MI, 15th PSB,
215th Finance, 96th Trans,
3rd Weather Squadron

To request a copy of your Veterans Affairs (VA) Compensation and Pension (C&P) Exam under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), follow the instructions below. Your exam should be available 30-60 days after your ETS or retirement date.

  1. If you know your records are filed at the Waco VA Regional Office, send a letter to the following address:

    Department of Veterans Affairs - Waco Regional Office
    ATTN: Request for Records
    701 Clay Avenue
    Waco, TX 76799

  2. If you do not know where your records are filed, call 1-800-827-1000. This number will connect you to the nearest VA office. Request the location of your C&P Exam file and the address of the facility.

In your letter to the VA, request a copy of the following:

  1. Pre-separation VA Exam (General Medical)
  2. SF 88 Report of Medical Exam
  3. SF 93 Report of Medical History
  4. Complete copy of VA Compensation and Pension Exam

Exclusions: Individuals seeking service connection for undiagnosed illnesses or residuals of exposure to environmental hazards resulting from service in the Gulf War theater of operations after 8-2-90 are excluded from participation in this program. In such cases the completed VA form 21-526 should be turned in with the service medical records during final out-processing so that the claim can be forwarded to the VA for scheduling of an examination following separation from service.

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