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Our Services

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We are committed to providing you convenient access and the right healthcare options to meet the needs of your family. In addition to your face-to-face visits with your family provider, we offer group visits, enhanced telephone communication, and web-based communication.

These options allow us to follow up on health issues and concerns, share and update health information, and coordinate care delivery. Ask our staff if one of these access options is better suited to fit your needs.

We also offer:

Women's Health:

Routine appointments for pap smears, well woman exams, gynecological problems, and contraceptive counseling. Women who are pregnant are seen in the Women's Health Center at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center.

Well Baby and Child Exams:

doctor, mother and baby during exam.

Pediatric care for children from birth to 18 years of age is available. Children receive a comprehensive examination and immunizations during well child visits.

Sports Physicals and School Immunizations:

“Patients assigned to the Medical Home may schedule an appointment by calling central appointments Click Here To Contact Us or by calling the clinic directly. Please bring all necessary school specific forms with most current shot record and any medical records from network providers.”

Minor Surgery:

Treatment of boils, abscesses, warts, skin biopsies are examples of just a few minor surgical procedures available. Check with your healthcare team.


Your provider will prescribe only medications available in our pharmacy. If you require other medications, they can be picked up at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center. Refills are picked up at in the Refill Pharmacy at Clear Creek PX.

Laboratory Services:

Basic laboratory services are available within the clinic. Special tests are done at CRDAMC's laboratory.

Hours and Appointments

doctor applies bandage to child's arm.

We will make every effort to ensure you get an appointment when you want it - including same day appointments. We strive to provide same-day access with your health care team so that you won't have to rely on urgent care centers or the emergency room for your primary care. Call the Patient Appointment Service, Click Here To Call Us., from 7 a.m.- 4 p.m.


If you need emergency care, go directly to the emergency room at the nearest hospital, or call 911. True emergencies are considered to be a sudden and unexpected medical condition or the worsening of an existing condition that is a threat to life, limb or sight, and requires immediate treatment. It can also be defined as a sudden, extremely painful condition that requires immediate treatment to alleviate suffering. If you do go to an emergency room or receive care outside of your Medical Home, contact your Medical Home team as soon as you can. By keeping your health care team informed you help the team better coordinate your care and ensure that you get the follow-up that you need.Behavioral Health Behavioral health is offered an extension of PCM care to provide brief assessment and intervention for PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, tobacco cessation, and insomnia and can provide referrals for long term behavioral health care

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