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atherosclerosis blood flow issue

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Books and Other Publicationsoffsite link in new window

  • A Crusade for Stroke Prevention
  • The American Cancer Society's "Freshstart": 21 Days to Stop Smoking
  • American College of Physicians Healthy Heart Cookbook
  • American Heart Association Fitting in Fitness
  • American Heart Association Guide to Heart Attack
  • The AHA Low-Fat Low-Cholesterol Cookbook
  • American Heart Association Low Salt Cookbook
  • American Lung Association 7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life
  • Essential Guide to Hypertension
  • The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women
  • Healthy Heart Walking Book
  • Mayo Clinic Heart Book
  • Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure
  • The New American Heart Association Cookbook

Clinical Trialsoffsite link in new window

Hearts with EKG line

National Institute of Health Linksoffsite link in new window

man with an EKG on his chest

Medical Organizationsoffsite link in new window

heart with cigarettes and burns

Additional Informationoffsite link in new window

Heart shaped EKG line

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