Fit for Performance

Nutrition Care Division

Fit for Performance is a comprehensive healthy lifestyle program encompassing activity, mindset, nutrition and sleep. The program is delivered over six sessions. For the Soldier assigned to the Army Body Composition Program, the Soldier is presented the opportunity to complete all six sessions with the dietitian in a group environment, or contract to perform a self-directed program after attending the first session of Fit for Performance.


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Introduces the holistic approach to weight management and healthy living. Topics include: Program components, Energy balance, Obesity risks, Your BMI and risks, Ten steps to success and finally your Action plan.
Topics include: Improve your sleep environment/Pre-bedtime routine; American College of Sports Medicine Exercise, Guidelines for weight loss; Improve workout efficiency (High Intensity Interval Training); Performance nutrition part I: meet you minimum goals for calories, hydration goals, truth about dietary supplements and popular weight loss diet
Topics include: Supportive people can help you during your weight loss; Get and stay active by adjusting your environment; How to change your food environment to make weight loss easier
Topics include: Fueling you mind (nutrient combinations and timing); Benefits of strength training (strength training basics); Performance nutrition part II: Planning and achieving your optimum fuel level
Topics include: Rationale and techniques for mindful eating; Compare hunger, appetite and food cravings; Explore personal triggers and ways to manage; Explore cravings and ways to weaken/delay habitual responses to food; Techniques to rise above/overcome psychological barriers; How physical activity helps to control food cravings
Topics include: Define stress and how losing weight can be a source of stress; Understand how the body responds to stress and how it can adversely affect your weight; Three-step stress reduction plan; Define stress eating and how to beat it; Relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercise; Stress navigation plan for weight maintenance.

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