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Family-centered care before, during and after childbirth means that you are at the heart of our mission. For our families, this means:

  • Respect for your emotional well-being, privacy and personal preferences.
  • Empowerment through honoring your family's personal and cultural beliefs.
  • Choices in treatment: pain management, medications and tests before, during and after childbirth and newborn care.
  • Flexibility to welcome fathers, significant others and siblings to be part of your birth experience.

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Clinic Information Pregnancy Education
butterflyAppointments butterflyNausea and Vomiting
butterflyLocations & Hours butterflyMedications Safe in Pregnancy
butterflyContact WHC butterflyTaking Care of Mom
Pregnancy Services butterflyExercise During Pregnancy
butterflyCentering Pregnancy butterflyChildbirth Education Classes
butterflyGenetic Counseling butterflyGetting Ready for Delivery Day
butterflyLactation Services butterflyWhen/Where to Seek Medical Attn
butterflyMidwifery Service  
butterflyMaternal Fetal Med Service & Ultrasounds  
Gynecology Services Additional Information
butterflyInfertility Services butterflyCommon Obstetrical Terms
butterflyPap Smear / Colposcopy butterflyCommon Tests in Pregnancy
butterflyPregnancy Testing butterflyCommercial Ultrasounds
butterflySexually Transmitted Diseases butterflyNew Parent Support Program
butterflyContraception Services butterflyPregnancy handbook
butterflyUrinary Incontinence  
butterflyPelvic Pain  
butterflySexual Dysfunction  
butterflyTubal Reversal's  

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