CRDAMC Telephone Numbers

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— # —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
1st MED BDE Staff Duty254-287-2707  

— A —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Addiction Medicine Intensive Outpatient Program (AMIOP) 254-553-3624254-553-3623 
Access To Care  
Admissions & Dispositions Office254-553-8686 254-553-1355254-288-8171/8172
AFGE (Bldg. 4631)254-287-8821   
Allergy/ Immunization Clinic 254-285-6335   
Allergy / Immunology Clinic (THMC)254-285-6335254-285-6336 
Ambulatory Procedure Unit254-553-3632  
Anesthesia Service254-288-8197 F: 254- 553-1885  
Appointments, Cancel After Hours254-288-7777  
Army Public Health Nursing 254-553-6612  
ASAP (AD)254-287-2892  
ASAP (CIV)254-287-6702  
Audiology254-288-8490 F:254-286-7993254-553-4010

— B —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number 2nd Alternate
Behavioral Health Multi-D Clinic 254-553-3623   
Behavioral Health, Psychological Health Intensive Outpatient Program (PHIOP) 254-553-3623  
Behavioral Health, Addiction Medicine Intensive Outpatient Program (AMIOP) 254-553-3623   
Beneficiary Services254-288-8155   
Bennett Health Clinic 254-618-8039254-618-8040F:254-618-8099
Billy Johnson Dental Clinic254-286-7402   
Birth Registration Clerk 254-553-1694254-553-1695  
Brace Shop254-553-4083 F:254- 286-7217

— C —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Cancer Registry254--286-7317 254-288-8483 
Cardiology 254-553-0280254-553-0281F:254-288-8970
Casualty Assistance Office 254-553-8641254-288-8171254-288-8172
Chaplain and Pastoral Ministry 254-288-8849254-288-8850 
Chaplain (on call cell) 254-466-9149  
Child and Family Behavioral Health Service254-286-7079   
Chiropractic Clinic at Monroe TMC254- 288-2731   
Civilian Personnel Liaison Office (HR)254-286-7215  
Communicable Disease (Public Health)254-553-6612  
Copeland Center254-287-3832  
Copeland Center, ID Card Section254-287-2518  
Copeland Center, TRICARE In– and Out–Processing800-444-5445  
Copperas Cove Medical Home254-553-5801  
Credentials (A-G)254-553-6227  
Credentials (H-M)254-553-6230  
Credentials (N-Z)254-553-5319 

— D —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Data Quality Management254-286-7856254-288-8136 
Decision Support Service254- 288-8928  
Department Of Medicine254-553-6272 F:254-288-8970 
Department of Operational & Deployment Medicine254-288-4581 F:254-287-5594 
Department of Rehabilitation254-553-4178254-553-6566 

— E —

Department/Unit/Section Phone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)254-288-8490 254-553-4010F:254-286-7993
Education, Hospital 254-553-9783   
EEO (CIV)254-287-3602   
EKG Clinic254-553-0281   
Behavioral Health Nurse Case ManagementEmbedded Behavioral Health Team 1 1/1 CD 254-553-8711   
Embedded Behavioral Health Team 2 2/1 CD 254-553-9529254-553-9530  
Embedded Behavioral Health Team 3 3/1 CD 254-553-5720254-553-5705 
Embedded Behavioral Health Team 4 3CR 254-553-8671   
Embedded Behavioral Health Team 5 254-288-1560254-288-6474  
Embedded Behavioral Health Team 6 254-288-1560254-288-6474  
Embedded Behavioral Health Team 8 254-287-0183254-288-3690  
Emergency Department254-288-8114   
Emergency Department, Administrator254-553-1371   
Emergency Department, Front Desk254-553-3760 254-553-3761 
Emergency Department, Secretary254-553-1364   
Emergency Medical Residency Program 254-553-4614   
Emergency Room (ER)254-288-8114   
Employee Assistance Program254-286-6216   
EMS (non-emergency)254-553-4516   
Endocrinology, 254-553-2152 Option 5 F:254-288-8970 
Endoscopy Suite254-553-0281   
Environmental Health254-288-9112   
Environmental Services254-288-8779   
EO (AD)254-466-0188   
EOC (Hospital)254-553-6223   
Equal Opportunity254-466-0188   
Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) 254-288-8099 

— F —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Fairbank Dental (bldg. 9440)254-288-7863   
Family Advocacy Program254-553-3629   
Family Medicine Residency Clinic254-288-8280254-288-8281  
Fisher House254-286-7927 F:254-286-7929254-220-6985
Flight Physicals (Russell Collier Healtd Clinic)254-553-3001   
Fort Hood Dental Activity254-287-3105   
Fort Hood Directorate of Emergency Services254-287-4001   
Fort Hood Information254-287-1110  
Fort Hood Reception254-618-8419  
Fort Hood Veterinary Center254-287-6719F:254-288-0440
Fort Hood Veterinary Center Pet Adoption254-287-4675  

— G —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
General Surgery 254-553-3944F: 254-288-8875 
Graduate Medical Education254-286-7082 

— H —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Harker Heights Medical Home254-553-5901  
Health Physics254-553-8024  
Health Promotion and Wellness254-288-8488  
Hearing Conservation (Thomas Moore)254-285-6311254-285-6348 
HIPAA Security & HIPAA Privacy Officer 254-553-1767
Hospital Administration Psychiatry254-288-7117 254-288-8122 
Hospital Education254-553-9783  
Hospital Operations - Plans254-286-7332254-286-7256 
Hospital Operations - Security254-553-3890254-286-7250 
Hospital Operations - Training254-553-1854254-286-7224 
Hospital Operations Division254-286-7210254-286-7264254-286-7157
Hospital Safety254-288-8477  
Human Resources - Civilian254-286-7240  
Human Resources - Military254-286-7242  
Human Resources (HRD)254-287-7241254-287-7243 
Humana Tricare 1-800-444-5445 

— I —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
ICU 254-553-3824F:254-288-8966 
ICU (Inpatient)254-553-0270  
Industrial Hygiene 254-288-1660254- 288-9080  
Infection Control254-288-8090 F:254-288-8970 
Infectious Disease254-553-3531 F:254-288-8970254- 553-0104
Information Desk254-288-8000 Bldg. 36010
Information Management (Global Service Center)800-600-9332  
Inspector General Office, RHC-C210-221-9977 
Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)254-288-8355254-288-8197 (fax) 
Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)254-553-8194  
Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)254-553-7033  
Integrated Pain Management Clinic (IPMC)254-553-9881  
Intensive Outpatient Therapy254-287-0865254-287-1134 
Internal Audit Office254-288-8637254-288-8380 
Internal Medicine254-553-3808254-553-0267 
Internal Medicine Clinics, Front Desk254-288-8090 Option 6  
Internal Medicine( Medication refills, Lab Work, referrals by telephone consult)254-288-8090 Option 3  
Internal Medicine (Make, Change, or Cancel Appointments)254-288-8090 Option 2  
Internal Medicine, Hours254-288-8090 Option 1  
Intrepid Spirit/ TBI (NICOE)254-287-7281  
Intrepid Spirit/ TBI (NICOE) (alternate)254-287-8179 

— J —

— K —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Killeen Medical Home 254-553-6001254-553-6002

— L —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Lab (Bluffs Main Hospital, 2nd Floor)254-288-8200254-287-8798 
Lab (Woodlands Clinic, 1st floor)254-553-4384254-553-4385 
Labor & Delivery254-288-8400  
Laboratory Reception (Main Hospital)254-288-8200  
LASIK Laser Eye Surgery254-286-7652  
Library, Medical254-288-8366254-288-8996254-553-4485
Logistics, Housekeeping254-288-8765  
Logistics, Linen Services254-288-8779  
Logistics, Material Branch254-288-8784  
Logistics - Environmental Services254-288-8782  
Logistics - Facility Management254-288-7313  
Logistics - Medical Equipment Maintenance254-288-8810254-288-8811 
Logistics - Property Book Office254-553-8810 

— M —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)254-286-7178 Option 4 F:254-288-8924 
Clinical Operations Division 254- 553-1881
Medical Care Recovery254-286-7648  
Medical Company A254-553-2733  
Medical Company B 254-286-7482  
Medical Company C254-553-3910  
Medical Maintenance254-288-8810254-288-8811 
Medical Powers of Attorney254-287-7901  
Medical Records - Release of Information 254-287-0912/ 0884254-286-7276F:254-286-7037
Medical Records (inpatient)254-287-1176254-288-4319254-553-3908
Medical Records (outpatient) 254-553-8275/ 8470254-288-8462254-287-7609
MED / SURG / PEDS (MSP)254-553-1975  
Military Police254-287-4001  
Ministry and Pastoral Care, Department of254-288-8849254-288-8850 
Monroe Clinic254-618-8782  
Monroe Clinic, 1st Bde254-618-8812   
Monroe Clinic, 2nd Bde254-618-8768   
Monroe Clinic, 3rd Bde254-618-4501  
Mother Baby Unit254-553-0217 
Monroe Physical254- 618-8810  
Monroe Comm Disease Service254-287-3661 254-618-8778 
Monroe Laboratory254-618-8766  
Monroe Radiology254-287-7619  
Monroe Pharmacy254-618-8781  

— N —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
National Intrepid Center of Excellence254-287-8179  
National Poison Control Hotline800-222-1222  
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)254-553-2511  
Newborn Follow-Up254-553-9600254-553-1701 
Newborn Follow-Up, Lactation254-553-9580   
Nuclear Medicine 254-553-0451   
Nuclear Medicine Scheduling254-286-7178 Option 5  
Nurse Advice Line1-800-874-2273 Option 1  
Nurse Case Manager254-286-7783  
Nurse Case Manager (Thomas Moore)254-285-6305  
Nursing Supervisor254-251-6748  
Nutrition Care Division 254-288-8860  
Nutrition Care Clinic - Appointments254-553-4463  
Nutrition Care Department Admin254-288-8870 

— O —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone Number Alternate Number2nd Alternate
OB/GYN WHC254-288-8109   
Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN)254-288-8109   
Occupational Therapy254-288-8030   
Occupational Health Clinic254-553-4196   
Occupational Health Clinic- Red River Army Depot903-334-1330 F:903-334-3951 
Occupational Therapy Clinic254-288-8030    
Operating Room (OR)254-288-8500 254-553-3977 254-553-7411
Ophthalmology254-288-8491 254-286-7952
Optometry (Bennett) 254-288-6440   
Optometry (Monroe) 254-618-8780  
Optometry (Russell Collier) 254-553-3148  
Optometry (TMO)254-285-6305   
Optometry Service (SRP) Active Duty254-288-5087   
Oral Surgery (DC2)254-553-6417   
Orthopedics 254-288-8190   
Otolaryngology254-288-8490 254-553-4010F:254-286-7993
Out Patient Medical Records254-553-4493   

— P —

Department/Unit/Section Phone NumberAlternate Number 2nd Alternate
Interdisciplinary Pain Management Clinic 254-288-8931254-553-0400  
Pathology & Laboratory Services, Department of 254-288-8200   
Patient Appointment Service 254-288-8888 800-305-6421 
Patient Safety 254-553-9779    
Patient Administration Division254-288-8350   
Patient Advocate Office254-288-8156   
Patient Experience254-288-0881   
Pediatrics 254-553-3745   
Pediatrics (Inpatient MSPU)254-553-1975 254-533-3732 
Perioperative Nursing Services (PONS) 254-553-7484   
Pharmacy 254-288-8800 254-288-8159 
Pharmacy, Bennett 254-618-8123   
Pharmacy, Clear Creek PX 254-618-7027 254-618-7024 
Pharmacy, Comments or Questions254-288-8800 254-288-8159 
Pharmacy, Local Refill 254-288-8911   
Pharmacy, Medical Home - Killeen254-553-6005   
Pharmacy, Medical Home- Copperas Cove 254-553-5813   
Pharmacy, Medical Home-Harker Heights 254-553-5924   
Pharmacy, Monroe 254-618-8781   
Pharmacy, Refill Outside Calling Area Toll Free 1-800-351-3636   
Pharmacy, Refill Questions 254-618-7027 254-618-7024 
Pharmacy, Russell Collier 254-288-89111-800-351-3636  
Pharmacy, Thomas Moore 254-285-6349 254-286-7037 (Fax)
Pharmacy, Local Civilian Network800-444-5445   
Pharmacy, TRICARE Mail Order Information 877-363-1303   
Pharmacy Refill Line254-288-8159   
Physical Medicine 254-288-2731 254-533-9008  
Physical Therapy (Bennett)254-618-8138 254-618-8139 
Physical Therapy Clinic 254-553-4145   
Provost Marshall Office (PMO)254-288-8008   
Provost Marshall Office (PMO), Physical Security 254-286-7699   
Podiatry 254-288-8196   
Population Health254-553-6612   
Post Information254-287-1110   
Preventive Medicine 254-288-1056 F:254-288-9080 
Provost Marshal's Office, Physical Security 254-286-7699   
Psychology (R&R Center) 254- 553-2284   
Public Affairs Office254-288-8005   
Pulmonary 254-553-0280 254-553-0281F:254-288-8970

— Q —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Quality and Safety254-288-8474  
Quality Management Division254-553-1963  
Quality Management Division (QMD)254-553-0174 

— R —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Radiation Protection254-288-8249  
Radiology - Fluoroscopy Scheduling254-286-7178  
Radiology - Mammography Scheduling254-286-7178 Option 3 F:254-287-0515 
Radiology - MRI Scheduling254-286-7178 Option 4 F:254-288-8924 
Radiology - Nuclear Medicine Scheduling254-286-7178 Option 5 F:254-286-7001 
Radiology - Ultrasound Scheduling254-286-7178 Option 1 F:254-287-0773 
Radiology, CT Scheduling254-286-7178 Option 2 F:254-288-8924 
Radiology, Department of254-286-7178  
Radiology, Fluoroscopy254-553-4377  
Radiology, Health Physics254-553-8024  
Radiology, Mammogram254-553-3767
Option 3
Radiology, MRI254-553-4378 Option 4  
Radiology, Nuclear Medicine254-553-0451 Option 5   
Radiology/Imaging Main Desk254-553-0448  
Red Cross254-287-0400  
Red Cross (hospital)254-288-8144  
Referral Management Office254-553-1846 F:877-811-2182F:254-286-7746
Resilience & Restoration Center Services254-553-2284254-553-2287254-553-2288
Resource Management Division254-288-8020  
Respiratory (inpatient)254-288-8537  
Retirement Services254-287-5270800-403-6640254-286-5618 (fax)
Rheumatology 254-553-3531  
Robertson Blood Center254-285-5808254-553-3147 
Russell Collier Clinic254-553-3147254-553-3146
Russell Collier Active Duty Number254-553-3673   
Russell Collier Clinic Flight Physical254-553-3001    
Russell Collier Clinic Pediatrics254-553-3180   
Russell Collier Clinic Family Practice254-553-3181 254553-3034  

— S —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number 2nd Alternate
Security (Badges)254-553-4421   
Security Office254-553-9832   
Sexual Harassment / Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP)254-535-0686 FH: 254-287-9487  
SJA (Legal)254-288-8270   
Sleep Clinic254-286-7045254-553-7721  
Sleep Disorder Clinic254-286-7045254-553-0671 F:254-288-8712
Smoking Cessation (AWC)254-553-6196   
Social Work Services254-288-6474   
Social Work Services/FAP254-553-3627254-553-3624  
Social Work, Outpatient254-618-8582   
Soldier Behavioral Health Service254-553-3623254-553-3624  
Soldier Medical Readiness Center (SMRC)254-285-6232    
Soldiers' Medical Evaluation Board Counsel Office (SMEBC)     
Speech Pathology254-288-8490254-553-4010 F:254-286-7993
Speech Therapy254-288-8457254-288-8281  
Sports Medicine254-288-8280   
SRP site254-553-3090 (pick- up van)   
SSS Cage254-553-6089   
Staff Duty254-535-2252   
Sterile Processing Department254-553-3690 254-553-7654  
Surgery Waiting Room 254-553-4298254-553-4297  
Surgery, General254-288-8048   
Surgery, Department of254-553-3944   
Surgery, Department of254-288-8070   
Surgical Pre-Processing 254-553-3632254-553-3634 254-553-3635
Surgical Processing Center254-553-3636  

— T —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Taxi Service (Copperas Cove)254-542-8626  
Taxi Service (Killeen)254-554-8294  
Third Party Collection254-288-8693  
Third Party Insurance254-288-8175  
Thomas Moore Health Clinic254-287-5410  
Thomas Moore Health Clinic Pharmacy254-285-6349  
Transportation (post)254-287-4515  
Trauma Service Program Manager254-553-3979  
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Clinic254-287-8179254-287-7281 
Treasurer's Office254-288-8176  
TRICARE (Humana)1-800-444-5445  
TRICARE, Active Duty Family Member Dental Program (ADFMDP)855-638-8371  
TRICARE, Retiree Dental Program - Delta888-838-8737  
Troop Command254-286-7263  
Troop Command, A Company254-286-7230  
Troop Command, B Company254-286-7482  
Troop Command, C Company254-553-3910  
Troop Medical Center 12 (Aviation)254-285-6803254-286-7311 F: 254- 288-7700
Troop Medical Center 14254-287-5307  

— U —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Ultrasound254-286-7178 Option 1  

— V —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
VA Rep (Copeland Center)254-288-3700  
VA Rep (CRDAMC)254-287-3887  
Vehicle Registration 254-618-4180 
Virtual Behavioral Health254-553-0415   

— W —

Department/Unit/SectionPhone NumberAlternate Number2nd Alternate
Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program 254-288-8490254-553-4010 
Warrior Transition Unit 254-287-2301  
Warrior Transition Unit CSM 254-285-5635
Warrior Transition Unit Adjutant 254-288-9908   
Warrior Transition Unit Staff Duty & NCO 254-466-8922   
Warrior Transition Unit S1 254-553-4796   
Warrior Transition Unit FRG 254-285-8518 254-251-1040
Warrior Transition Unit Chaplain 254-553-4789   
Warrior Transition Unit EOC 254-553-8230   
Warrior Transition Unit Equal Opportunity Advisor254-287-1637 254-466-9910 
West Killeen Medical Home 254-553-8110  
West Killeen Medical Home Pharmacy 254-553-8224254-553-8225 
WIC (Killeen)254-526-2033  
WIC (Post)254-532-8680  
Women's Health Center254-288-8109  
Women's Health Clinic (Same day appointments)254-553-9670 

— X —

— Y —

— Z —

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