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All FST Classes are given at the Soldier Development Center. Students should not report to Bldg. 76022.

FST Training burning waste

The forerunner of the Field Sanitation Teams (FST) was established during WW II when it became apparent that the control of malaria and other arthropod-borne diseases were beyond the capabilities of engineer and medical units, commanders of company-size units were required to appoint malaria control details.

FST Training team in hazmat suites.

The reason the FST is important is because it is responsible for those preventive medicine measures (PMM) that affect units as a whole or are beyond the resources of the individual soldier (AR 40-5). This is an important responsibility because unit effectiveness is dependent on the health of its soldiers. When PMM breakdowns occur and units are unable to carry out their missions because soldiers are sick, the success of an army, the outcome of a war, and the fate of a nation may be seriously impaired. The success of operations is directly related to how well disease and non-battle injury (DNBI) is prevented through effective PMM in the units. As a tactical measure, the units with sound PMM can maintain fighting strength and exploit strength, when the enemy may expect weakness due to DNBI. The topics covered in the field sanitation team training include, History of FST, hot weather injury, cold weather injury, toxic industrial materials, field water, field food sanitation, radiation, noise hazards, entomology, and waste disposal in the field.

FST Member Requirements:

FST Equipment

A team must consist of at least two personnel, and one must be a noncommissioned officer. For units with endemic medical personnel, they will be made a part of the FST. The important thing to remember is that the team should have enough members to accomplish its mission throughout the unit's area of operations. For units that consist of teams that operate individually, FST members should be placed in each team to provide support for the soldiers. FST members must be selected from personnel whose normal field duties will provide ample time for their duties to be performed. Every FST member will be trained and certified in field sanitation by supporting Preventive Medicine assets and have no less than 6 months time remaining with the unit. The FST course is limited to 30 students per class.

The FST Course requires a minimum of 20 students and a maximum or 50. Seating is limited.

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