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Hearing Loss and Survivability

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss:

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Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a permanent hearing loss caused by exposure to hazardous noise, if hearing protection is not worn properly. NIHL is one of the most common occupational diseases; it can occur gradually over time or result from one, single high impulse noise exposure incident on or off duty. Individuals with NIHL may be unaware of their hearing loss and may not notice communication difficulties when in quiet listening situations. However, in noisy listening environments, such as, communicating in combat, near military vehicles and aircraft, weapons fire, or industrial operations, hearing becomes more difficult, and its loss can adversely impact communication and mission effectiveness. The early stage of NIHL is usually associated with a high frequency, sensorineural hearing loss. The only way to prevent this hearing loss is by using properly fitted Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs).


Tinnitus is often described as a high-pitched ringing or buzzing in the ear. While in some cases it can be the result of a medical condition, the majority of tinnitus is caused by noise exposure. Tinnitus of some degree is common but not normal. Stress, tobacco use, or alcohol use, combined with inadequate protection from hazardous noise, can contribute to, or worsen, tinnitus. More information on tinnitus is available from the American Tinnitus Association at: http://www.ata.orgoffsite link in new window

Hearing Testing and Readiness

The Hearing Center of Excellence: Annual Hearing Exams Video


All Soldiers assigned or PROFIS to field units must have their hearing tested annually to maintain hearing readiness. Individual Soldiers may contact central appointments at (254) 288-8888 to schedule a hearing screening. Personnel needing a screening should inform the central appointments clerk that they have been identified as needing an annual hearing screening due AMBER or RED status in MEDPROS or require follow up testing. Units can schedule group hearing tests through their unit hearing program officer.

Thomas Moore Health Clinic 0730-1500
Russell Collier Health Clinic 0730-1500

Unit Testing:

All annual, and pre–deployment testing is scheduled at the unit level for permanent party personnel assigned to Fort Hood. The POC for coordinating unit scheduling can be contacted at 285-6288 or 285-6348.

Annual Hearing Screening Scheduling Procedures for III Corps and Fort Hood Active Duty Personnel

Hearing Protection


Each Soldier will be provided with a personal set of hearing protection before having their hearing tested. Any Soldiers who needs hearing protection may report to Thomas Moore Health Clinic to be fit with the appropriate size and type hearing protector.

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