Health Physics and Radiation Protection

Mission and Vision

Health Physics strives to ensure radioactive material and radiation producing devices are used safely and in accordance with the hospital's Nuclear Regulatory Commission License and all applicable federal regulations.

Hours and Location

Contact Us Hours of Operation
Main: (254) 288-8249
Friday 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and Noon (12:00 p.m.) – 4:00 p.m.
Building 36000 (hospital)
Room 0224 in the basement
Fort Hood, TX 76544

Services Provided and Resources

2 men training

Eligible Personnel

Access is limited to Department of Defense adult service members and employees. The Occupational Health clinic is limited to providing care to walk-in minor occupational injuries and illnesses referring emergent care to local hospitals or other facility. Contract personnel assigned to Red River Army Depot may use the clinic for occupational related emergent care on a one time basis, care is then referred to primary care, local hospital or other facility for follow-up care.


  • Compliance testing for all radiation producing devices
  • Radiation dose tracking for all radiation workers in CRDAMC
  • Radiation patient therapies – I-131 therapy for hyperthyroidism
  • Radiation safety training – with content appropriate instruction for Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Nursing Staff, Fluoroscopy Users, Housekeeping, Security Forces, Dental Staff, Laser Users, and Fire Department.
  • Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) – Quarterly meeting, chaired by the DCCS, for discussion and dissemination of information on all things pertaining to radiation safety.
  • Non-Ionizing radiation safety – Laser and Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Depleted uranium surveillance in coordination with the Occupational Health and Public Health Command
  • Radiological safety SME for CRDAMC and post MEMP
  • War fighter medical radiation safety support

What We Do

  • The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) holds and manages the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) License. This license allows CRDAMC to have and use the radioactive materials needed in Nuclear Medicine. The RSC is the approving body for the addition of new Authorized Users to the NRC License. The RSO amends the NRC license whenever necessary.
  • Provides radiation dose monitoring device services to all radiation workers within CRDAMC.
  • Conducts face-to-face radiation safety training to all radiation workers and ancillary personnel at CRDAMC.

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