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Mission and terminal learning objectives
Course: U.S. Army-Baylor University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy, 6H-65B.
Mission: To produce active duty physical therapists for the United States Uniformed Services – Army, Navy, Air Force, and Public Health. Uniformed service therapists are generalist practitioners who may be assigned across the continuum of care in a variety of practice settings. However, the majority of therapists are working in a primary care role with an emphasis in examination and intervention for patients with neuromusculoskeletal problems. The program provides students with the knowledge, skills, problem–solving ability, duties, responsibilities, and ethics to deliver quality physical therapy patient care and provides those concepts, principles, methods and role models, which will stimulate the continuous personal and professional growth of these physical therapy officers. Students are commissioned in the Army Medical Specialist Corps, the Navy Medical Service Corps, the Air Force Biomedical Science Corps, or the Public Health Service. Area of Concentration (AOC) for which trained: Physical Therapist, Army (65B), Air Force (AFSC: 9231), Navy (1873-P), Public Health Service (10).
Internship: An 11 month internship beginning after the students complete 18 months of didactic study which includes one eight week clinical experience. The Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center (CRDAMC) is one of six possible sites at which the students may get assigned to complete this last phase of their Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree. The physical therapy internship includes a combination of central requirements from the AMEDD Center and School and site unique learning opportunities. Interns are evaluated using the Clinical Assessment Book (CAB) (2010) and the Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) (2011). The CPI includes the following subject areas:
Physical Therapist helping patient walk.
  1. Safety
  2. Professional Behavior
  3. Accountability
  4. Communication
  5. Cultural Competence
  6. Professional Development
  7. Clinical Reasoning
  8. Screening
  9. Examination
  10. Evaluation
  11. Diagnosis and Prognosis
  12. Plan of Care
  13. Procedural Interventions
  14. Educational Interventions
  15. Documentation
  16. Outcomes Assessment
  17. Financial Resources
  18. Direction and Supervision of Personnel

Rotations: All interns will perform 6 weeks of acute care training at the Central Texas VA Hospital in Temple, TX. Interns also rotate to numerous clinics at CRDAMC for varying times in order to gain a better understanding of the entire medical process. Rotations may include, but are not limited to:

Physical Therapist helping patient exercise her knee.
  1. Occupational therapy
  2. Orthopedics
  3. Radiology
  4. Podiatry
  5. Physical medicine
  6. Internal medicine
  7. Brigade Combat Team PT Clinic
  8. Family medicine
  9. Neurosurgery
  10. Cast room
  11. Neurology
  12. Pain clinic
  13. Dermatology
  14. Brace shop
  15. Emergency department
  16. TBI clinic
Physical Therapist pointing to drawing of a spine.

Terminal learning objectives: The overall objective of the Program is to produce competent clinicians for the practice of physical therapy. The course is designed to meet this objective through a sequenced regional approach. The body of knowledge that comprises the practice of physical therapy is presented by major regions. To successfully complete this course of instruction, the student must meet didactic standards and demonstrate clinical competencies commensurate with established entry–level criteria.

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